Having worked for many years as a scientific assistant at uni, I thought I would monitor my little girls language progress with scientific accuracy. The idea was to keep a kind of diary in which I keep record of every single word she says. Little Scarlett has brought me back to earth, I had to accept that it is not easy to be a hobby scientist in between nappy changing and reading fairy tales.

Anyway here is a (maybe incomplete) list that I made when Scarly was 21 month old. This was her active vocabulary:

German: blau (blue), ja (yes), nein (no), Ei (egg), Uhr (watch/clock), Zeh (toe), Bär (bear), Bo(ot) (boat), Mon(d) (moon), Bu(ch) (book), Opa (grand dad), mehr (more), Hallo (hello), Ohr (ear), Papa (dad), Mama (mom)

Italian: Ciao (hello), Ciucciu (pacifier), via (go away), nonno (granddad), Nonna (grandma), papà (dad), bua (boo-boo),

English: more, ta, star, boo(k), key. In English she apparently says many more words, but I have not yet convinced the English grandma to keep a log.