Scarly’s passive vocabulary has grown at the speed of light. We often leaf through her picture books, say the names of objects and ask her to point at these things. No matter which language it is, she correctly identifies 15-20 objects on every page.

Even more amazing however is her active talking. She says many more words and  also starts putting words together to form little sentences. She says for example: “gruen ciuccio (H)andtuch decke nanna” which is “green dummy towel cover sleep” (second and last word Italian the others German) and means that she puts her green dummy in a special place where it sleeps when she does not use it and she covers it with a towel”. This is of course a very sophisticated sentence and normally she stops at saying one word or even pointing at things.

Among her new words in German there are for example “Zug” (train), “Eimer” (bucket), “Auto” (car) or the colours” gruen” (green) and “rot” (red) , in Italian she says “ne(ro)” (black) or “giallo” (yellow). She is struggling with the letter H, so she says “andtu” instead of Handtuch (towel). She also cannot pronounce the “ch” sound in Handtuch, but foreign learners of German will find this absolutely understandable as this sound causes sleepless nights to them. She also struggles saying R so she says “ot” instead of rot (red) and she likes to replace S with a K so she says “nak” instead of nass (wet) or “nuk” insted of Nuss (nut), even though she is able to pronounce the sound properly.

Nonna has started teaching her the alphabet in English. When Scarly sees an A she says “apple”, for B “boat”, C “cat”, D “Dog”, E “Emilia” (her Cousin) and this is where it stops for now. I must admit that I can only imperfectly describe Scarly’s progress in English. This is owing to the little time I see her with Nonna. Scarly wouldn’t speak English to me and I usually leave the house when Nonna comes, as she is covering the times when I am working.