A few more weeks to go and our summer holidays are about to begin. As every year we will spend a month in Germany, fully immersed into language and culture. A year ago this language boost was bitterly needed as Scarlett had over the year gradually slipped into speaking less and less German to me. This year German has proved much more stable.

All through the year Scarlett has never relented with her German. Her vocabulary has improved, her sentence structures have become more complex. She is now using conditional and relative clauses a lot: “Wenn wir in den Garten gehen, ..” (German for: “If we go to the garden …”); “Der Mann, der da steht …” (German for: The man who stands over there …”). She sometimes gets the relative pronouns wrong, but then this is quite difficult in German, as you have ‘der’, ‘die’, ‘das’ and then they also change with plural and also with the different cases.

Usually Scarlett’s German is top notch, but occasionally (very rarely though) the other languages are sneaking in. Scarlett then says things like: “If die Sachen sind scivolato…” (German-English-Italian for: “If the things have slipped …”). She sometimes uses “if” in German sentences, but also English pronouns: “Ich kann on die Schulter?”, “Schau on den Garten” or “Der Hund of Goesta.” (German-English for: “Can I go on the shoulder”; “Look on the garden”; “The dog of Goesta”).

Also in English Scarlett’s level has remained very high. She usually speaks without problems, lately I had however the feeling that she chips in the odd Italian word: “I got to go in the … in the … in the …bagno” (bagno is Italian for bathroom).

If before we had the impression that Scarlett mainly learned from her English grandma, we now have the feeling that she is following our English conversations carefully and that she is picking up a lot from it. Often when we think Scarlett is not listening, she then suddenly asks about something we are talking about.

In Italian she improves continually, her vocabulary and her grammatical complexity is impressive. Scarlett lately has been using new logical connectors like for example “quindi” (Italian for ‘so that’).