“Little Scarlett was born on 22nd January 2008. Little does she know she is supposed to be trilingual in a few years time.”

This is how I started my first blog on multilingual upbringing more than five and a half years ago. Now Scarlett is six and a half years old and indeed a fluent speaker of English, German and Italian.

I have tried to record Scarlett’s language development over time and published a summary of my observations every three to four months in this blog. There were ups and downs for the different languages, sometimes one of them disappeared, sometimes there were sudden quantum leaps.

In general, however, Scarlett has learnt the three languages without major problems. With my second-born son Quentin I then understood that all children have their own ways and paces.  Quentin is now 4 years old, he understands Italian, German and English, but for the moment he only speaks Italian. This will hopefully change soon, but as you can tell from the blog entries on Quentin, his language learning has differed considerably from Scarlett’s.